Shopee is gaining more popularity in Southeast Asia in recent year. Shopee, previously known as Garena, was first launched in Singapore. It becomes one of the major online e-commerce platform in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. It's now expanding its business to more than 8 countries.

You may already be selling products in physical stores, has your own resource/product management system (like one of our customers) and would like to sell your good in Shopee and save time or cost moving order from Shopee system to your system. Shopee provides an open platform which allows you to integrate into your system, create a custom notification or even help manage your Shopee. Here is our experience with Shopee Open API.

Link for Open Shopee

Due to confidentiality agreements, I am not going to directly talk about the client's business and idea.

Simple Registration Process

If you are already a seller in Shopee, it will takes you around 1-2 days to complete an Open Shopee account registration.


After successful registration, you need to add an "App" in your account. It will takes up to 2 days to approve your app. However, if you are not a seller, it will takes up to 3 weeks. Your app status will be changed from "auditing" to "Approved" after Shopee approval.

Powerful API and push webhook

Open Shopee comes with powerful API which allows you to control almost everything from products, shipping, shop profile to orders. The push mechanism let your system know all event in your Shopee shop.

Twist: Slow & Buggy test Environment

Testing Open Shopee, however, is a nightmare. The testing environment is so buggy that most often you CANNOT even create a new product. My team and I crossed our finger and tried to create a new product. Weeks later, we finally create our first product. Luckily, we already make the right development schedule for this issue. My recommendation is that find someone (or us) who has experience with open Shopee, otherwise, your system will have a lot of flaws/bugs or our schedule is heavily delayed.

I cannot create a product in test environment for weeks....


Shopee provides a good opportunity for sellers. Most people are already busy managing items on different platforms. Even it takes time and effort to register, develop and test in open Shopee. Open Shopee (in our experience) makes your business less man-power consuming and more manageable. Your customer will also enjoy a better, faster service than before.

Interested in integration Shopee with your system? Want to sell goods in Shopee? Talk to use at.