A new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) was released a few days ago. Let's see whats are different between 20.04 and previous LTS 18.04.

Warning: According to the official release notes and blog, there is no official x86 installation file after 18.04. After 19.04, they even drop support for a lot of i386 libraries. Some old software may not work in this version.


The iso file in 20.04 is around 2.5 GB which is 500MB larger than the 18.04. However, it takes a similar time to Ubuntu 18.04. Ubuntu 20.04 installation is even slightly faster than 18.04. I think it will be a bigger difference in low-end devices.

Test Environment: Virtual Box, 2 CPU, 2048MB Ram.

Slightly Faster Startup speed

The Ubuntu 20.04 is slightly faster in booting speed, but I didn't find any significant difference between Ubuntu 18.04.

Language Interpreters Updated

Ubuntu 20.04, as usual, comes with Perl and python3. Other language interpreters can be installed via apt-get install. Default upstream for these packages are updated. You will now get more latest packages:

Java 11, ruby 2.7, php 7.2 -> php 7.4, perl 5.30, python 3.6 -> 3.8, gcc 9.3.

Desktop improved

GNOME and theme in Ubuntu are updated. It looks more elegant and modern. There are more settings for different hardware and monitors.

Dark Mode, Light Mode


The Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop meets users expectation on more modern UI and better support for the hardware. After I tried the Ubuntu, I received some feedbacks from co-workers that the Ubuntu UI is buggy sometime and the new command "snap" will break the system. After all, it is as good as the previous version. :)